Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Wednesday 23rd December

Sorry, It has been a while.

The gyprockers have been busy for weeks with not much else able to be done around them.

The carpenters will be on site till Christmas eve.

The Gyprockers will be on site till Christmas eve.
The electrician has finished for this year.
And the plumber says he hasn't got anything to do at the moment.
So along Jack's Corner Road.
You can expect.
The gyprockers' vans and
the carpenters utes and trucks.
Plus there may be another delivery of timber before Christmas.
Hope this helps

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Thursday 3rd December

And then they started the firplaces.

Thursday should see the normal activity on site.

The electrician will be there.

The carpenters will be there.
The plumbers are due on site
and the firplace guys will be back for the next few days.
so along Jacks' Corner Road you can expect;
All the normal utes and trucks
Hope this helps