Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Wednesday 21st October

Sorry, I have been off the air.

The computer died and Lazyfish had to come to the rescue.
Anyway, they have been busy cladding the shed. The carpenters are abusing me because there are too many windows and doors which means far too many things for them to have to cut the boards around.
But they are doing a great job.
Yes, those two concrete trucks that snuck down Jack's Corner Road Tuesday morning without notice were mine.
Sorry if they caused you any greif.
But we managed to lay the slab around the pool deck this morning.
So, who is due.
The roofers say they are coming back.
The carpenters will be there for the entire week.
And I think that is about all.
So along Jacks' Corner Road you can expect.
Various utes and trucks and maybe a delivery truck with some roofing material.
Hope this helps