Thursday, July 30, 2009

Friday 31st July

Well, the first shipment of frames has arrived.

If all goes well the 2nd shipment will come in on Friday and possibly another shipment on Friday afternoon or Saturday Morning.

The concretors will be in and there will also be large delivery trucks for the waffle pods and the steel for the slab.

The plumbers are due back to finish some drainage and the electrician will be doing some finishing touches.

So please take care on Jacks Corner Road tomorrow as there will be:

Tradesman's utes a plenty.

Large semi trailers

Delivery trucks.

Some of these trucks may be impassable on sections of the road so could you please either pull into a driveway or reverse back to a passable location.

If you see trucks waiting at the entrance to Griffins Fire trail this may mean that they are waiting for a truck to come up the hill. Please feel free to ask the driver if it is safe to proceed.

Hope this helps and
sorry for the inconvienence.