Sunday, July 12, 2009

Monday 13th July

It should be a fairly quite day today.

There is a meeting with the surveyor, the plumber and the electrician on site.
There may be some deliveries but they should be only small items.
Some one very kindly collected some builder's rubbish from Jack's Corner Road and wedged it under the gate that leads to Noggarah. Thanks for doing this but I must say that this builders rubbish was not from my site. It contained Plaster's Lime which we are not using at Noggarah at this stage. So someone elae must be doing some building or renovation work out along Our road.
I have spoken to my builders about rubbish and have asked them to be very mindful of this problem.
So, Monday along Jack's corner Road should be fairly quiet.
I'll let you know when we are expecting more traffic.